Why Choose Us

We utilize an innovative approach in our service delivery to actualize a successful service delivery.


We are consistent and constant in thinking outside the box and re-venting daily achievement for better future success stories


We embrace excellence in order to create better ways of doing the things we do, therefore, excellence for us is not a watchword, and it’s an intrinsic habit.

Interpersonal Relationship

We have Interpersonal Intelligence and are constantly seeking ways of improving relationships with our customers


Features & Specifications

With our sector facing huge challenges, we aim to re-imagine global agriculture so that it is better for the estimated 5 million farmers in our extended supply chain, their communities and our planet.

SFRIL’s Sustainability approach is based on respect for our people, cultures and the natural environment. We are committed to preserving biodiversity, waste and the emission of Greenhouse gases. We care for the livelihood of the local communities and our employees in terms of health and welfare. We continually strive to improve the environmental, social and economic aspects of our operations

Our vision becomes reality by putting into action programs and practices that optimize the use of natural resources, by developing energy efficient products and technologies, and by fostering innovations and creative solutions adding value for our clients, communities and the environment.